How music has a positive effect on many aspects of development

    The music is beautiful and soothing. It is good to encourage children in their love of music. Especially if the child shows interest and attention to the rhythms, it is good for the parents to immediately pay attention to this impulse and encourage it! Usually musicality is innate. In this way, children express themselves, humming something before they can talk.

     Even with dancing, many children sway to the beat and jump for joy when they hear a familiar melody, and they haven’t walked yet! Music is a real phenomenon, a fact! It improves mood, brings people together and builds taste. If parents notice some potential for innate musicality, it is important that this gift be developed. Even if the child does not become a successful musician, the benefits of listening to and playing music are many!

Make music a part of everyday life

Whenever you have the opportunity, sing to your child. Whether you’re telling him a fairy tale, a fable, reading a book or watching a cartoon, emphasize the beauty of music. While reading fairy tales, you can sing a favorite song related to the context of the fairy tale. If the movie you played to the child contains songs – sing them together. It’s nice to choose movies dotted with your favorite tunes. Thus the child’s attention is deepened and directed to the music.

The song is soothing. This has been a known fact since ancient times. Songs were sung while swaddling, when falling asleep, while bathing. From infancy, most babies get used to the mother’s voice through the song.

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The songs help the development of speech, and therefore the associative-logical thinking of the child. Songs can also be a great option for learning foreign languages ​​in old age. One remembers unfamiliar words much more easily when they are tied together in a rhythmic melody, and this is a scientifically proven fact. Through music, the child subconsciously concentrates on precision, rhythm, speech formation and improvement of its structure.

Music from the very beginning of life

Children respond to music from a very young age. Even when they hear a song or a typical melody from a TV commercial, they immediately pay attention – they look around, stop their current activity, start humming or swaying. This is indicative of the influence of music on the human brain.

It is no coincidence that many pregnant women play soothing music in the last trimester of pregnancy. It is believed that musical vibrations reach the fetus and have a positive effect on it. Listen to your favorite music. Classical music is also suitable – it has the most beneficial effect for both mother and baby.The emotional side of music is no less important. That is why it is important to try to make the child feel as good as possible in a musical environment. Put him on your lap, hug him while listening to music. This associativity creates a positive attitude towards the art of music, which can not but benefit every child!

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